Santé' Life Care is a group company of Novus Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai since 1976.

Over the years, we have been involved in manufacturing, marketing and exporting of best in class Pharmaceutical Formulations & Nutraceuticals in the healthcare field.

Today Santé' Life Care boasts of having:

Maximum DCGI approved molecules


Many unique formulations, not available with others.


FSSAI registrations and many FSSAI approved products.


Schedule "M" approved.


C-GMP approved.


WHO GMP approved.


GLP approved.


Santé' Life Care offers a fantastic range of pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products on PCD & pharma franchise basis with district wise monopoly rights.

What does Sante' mean?

Sante' in French means "Good Health". This is also our "motto". Our mission is to provide effective and affordable healthcare solutions.



Sante' Group is a 38 year old Mumbai based company. In these years we have been involved in all facets of pharma business like manufacturing, marketing, import of API, export of formulations, distribution, PCD, indenting,etc.

We have manufactured products for:

Indoco Remedies: We developed Ibuflamar-P for them.


US Vitamins (USV): We developed antacid tablets for their export.


Macleods Pharmaceuticals: We developed MACOX Plus, Macrozide, Ibruvon, Spasmovon for them.


We are one of the first companies to launch Amoxycillin Capsules (Micromox), Mebendazole (Novomeb) & Lorazepam (Dreamlor) in India, way back in 1984.



Export to other countries was a logical extension of our business.

We entered the East African market by registering 3 products in Kenya. (Ranstan, Novadis & Ranfer)


Then we started exporting to Uganda and Zambia.


We then focused on CIS countries. Today our products are registered & exported to Turkministan (Dipizox, Tubericin) & Uzbekistan.


Then we started exports to Latin American Countries like Dominican Republic & Haiti.


Today we export our products to 8 countries in different continents. Export forms a sizeable chunk of our composite turnover.



Our state of the art manufacturing facility is located in Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, which enjoys 100% Excise exemption & Concessional rate of Sales Tax.

This ensures our ability to give you best quality products at very reasonable rate

We have the following approved sections with latest machines:

Dry Syrups: Cefixime, Cefpodoxime, Amoxy-Clav, etc..

Dry Powder: Ceftriaxone, Cefoperazone, Ceftazidime, Pipra-Tazo, Meropenem, Amoxy-Clav, etc.

Tablets: Cefixime and its combinations, Cefuroxime, Amoxy-Clav-625,etc.


Tablets: Wide range including offbeat products and new DCGI approved molecules.

Capsules: Wide range covering all therapeutic segments.

Liquids: Cough Syrups, Tonics, Enzymes, Antacids, etc.

Ointments: Creams, Lotions, Mouthwash, Gels, Toothpaste, etc.

Nutraceuticals: B-Complex, Ginseng, Lycopene, Enzymes.


Today we export our products to 8 countries in different continents. Export forms a sizeable chunk of our composite turnover.



We have installed latest automatic machinery in our plant:

Tablet Section:

Rapid Mixer Grinder.


The Auto-Coating Machine: Ensures uniform & perfect coating of Enteric Coated, Film Coated or Sustained Release tablets. (Very few manufacturers invest in this machine).


Alu-Alu Machines: 3 Machines with more than 10 different change parts.


Blister Packing Machine: 3 machines with more than 20 different change parts.

Total Capacity:

15-20 lac tablets per day depending on shape and size.

Liquid Section:

Fully Automatic Machine with capacity of 40000 bottles per day.

Ointment Section:

Fully automatic machine with capacity of 40000 tubes per day.

Capsule Section:

3 semi automatic machines with a capacity of 10 lac capsules per day.



Quality is never achieved by accident. It is a result of amalgamation of various factors that are essential to make a good product.

We at "Sante'" have with our experience of 38 years, developed & perfected each formulation, so as to make it perfect with "Zero Error".

This can easily be seen & felt in our products:

Tablets: Disintegration time, dissolution, coating (enteric, film & sustained release). Only by using the best excipients, best process & technology, we are able to achieve perfection in all these parameters. (These factors are normally ignored by majority of manufacturers).


Syrups: To make a good liquid product, depending on the nature of the product, we use additives like 66% sugar, sorbitol, glycerine, propyl glycol, Xanthan gum,etc as the vehicles to formulate our syrups, so that they remain stable during their entire shelf life.


Injections: We depend only on bulk drugs manufactured by reputed manufacturers like Aurobindo, Lupin & Dr. Reddy's from India. We also use material from Spain, Italy & Korea. We avoid Chinese material which is inferior in quality.


We use superior quality packing material of proper thickness with good moisture barrier properties to avoid any deterioration of our products.

Most of our tablets & Capsules are presented in Alu-Alu packing and in monocartons, so as to give maximum protection and also give the product an attractive look.


Quality Control

Our quality control lab is GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) approved & is equipped with latest instruments like Infra Red Spectrophotometer, U.V Spectrophotmeter, HPLC, GLC, Dissolution Test apparatus & Microbiology Section.

This ensures that our products are rigorously tested in-house and therefore our products are of Perfect Quality.


Sante's Activities


We have a range of 100+ products across different therapeutic segments, which we offer to our Franchise distributors who promote our products as our Pharma Franchise Partners. We provide all promotional tools to them, like well researched and designed Visual Aids (Book form with indexing), Sample Catch covers, Leave behind cards, MR Bag (Hand made, Laptop Safe), Products at a glance, Visiting Cards, and Small gift articles so they can achieve their goals.

We are also registered with various Government and Semi Government undertakings like ESIS, CGHS, Railways, BCCL, etc..


We are exporting to 8 countries from different continents. Export forms a sizeable chunk of our business.
We are exporting to: Latin American Countries, CIS Countries and East African Countries.