What should you look at when choosing a pharma pcd company?

Making the choice of your next company is not an easy task. This task is more difficult because now, you are not going to do a job with them, but you are going to be business partners with them. There are a lot of factors to consider while determining which company suits your requirements best.

Quality: First and foremost is good quality. It is a good practice to call for some product samples and show your doctors to test these samples. This will give you and your doctor confidence that the pcd company has products with good efficacy.

Certifications: GMP certificates, WHO-GMP certificates hold great value. These show that the company’s quality is maintained in each department (in case of GMP certificate) and is also producing formulations, which are of international quality standards (in case of WHO GMP certificate). It is always better to check for their FSSAI licenses and other Drug Licenses.

Brand names: Choose a pharma PCD company that has good brand names. These brand names should be related to the product as well as the company name. They should be easy to pronounce and easy to remember. A brand name that is catchy will always get preference over a complicated brand name in the doctor’s cabin.

Availability: Very few PCD pharma companies provide adequate stock availability. Don’t get fooled by long list of products in their price list. Try and find out how many of these products is the company able to regularly supply. Because once the doctors start prescribing the products, unavailability is murder of your market and re-entry is very difficult.

Packing: Attractive packing makes the first impression in the minds of the doctor and the patients. Good packing will also have good moisture barrier properties and can be essential for the shelf life of the product.

Complete Monopoly: It is always good to know where your PCD Company is operating other than your district. Knowledge about neighboring district operations could help you ascertain how well your interests of Monopoly PCD marketing is safeguarded. Also you know where you can expand once your business grows in the future.

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