Our 38 years of experience (Since 1976) in the pharmaceutical industry helps us understand your needs better, provide you the best and also advise you on your success strategy to be adopted.


Trust of a Mumbai based company. It is easier to convince a doctor regarding the efficacy of products and superior service of a Mumbai based company as compared to a Chandigarh or Ahmedabad based company.


Certifications WHO-GMP and CGMP. Our plants have been certified by international bodies like the WHO for our quality superiority. Our Quality is export standard. We adhere to quality standards required to export to South American countries where required quality standards are much higher than in India.


100% availability of stock. No shortages issue. Fresh stock provided. No short expiry goods sold.


We dispatch goods within 24 hours of receiving your order.


We provide something extra in our compositions that benefit the patients. We strive to develop compositions that will benefit our patients better and quicker.


Choose from a range of 125 products from various therapeutic categories and start with an order quantity that you are comfortable with.


Easy to remember brand names. Our brand names are carefully chosen such that they can be easily remembered by your doctors.


Superior packing and attractive designs: Face value of product is as important as your face value. We make sure that the look of our product is such that it supplements your face value in front of the doctor. Most of our products have Alu-Alu and Mono-Carton packing giving our products the best shelf life.


Quality Assured: No product recalls/failures in 38 years by our company. This proves that we manufacture the best. Our distributor is protected from all such hassles and thus has the freedom to only focus his energy on marketing the products. Rest has been already taken care of by us.


Excise free zones allow us to give you competitive pricing. All our products are manufactured in Excise free zones and thus we are able to give the most market competitive prices to our franchise partners.


Free Promotional material well researched and professionally designed to have a truly global outlook. We provide Visual Aid set, laptop safe MR bag, Catch covers, Reminder Cards, Product at a glance, Visiting Cards and small gift articles. Also available e-book form of Visual aids for tablets and computers.


CNF in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. So you save 5% Tax. Billing will be done on only local VAT for these distributors. Less time and money spent in transportation. No way-bill required. Efforts are on to appoint CNFs in other states as well.


Concentration on new molecule development in trend with the market or even setting the trend of the market with new and innovative products.


Direct contact with the decision makers in the company. Easy product suggestions and new product range introductions are made with your suggestions.


Totally transparent dealings: Our customers know the correct quantity, rate, expiry and MRP of the products he has ordered before giving us his hard earned money. We provide all these details in our proforma invoice.


Team of experts to solve your queries. Our team is online and available to answer queries and solve all objections of doctors. You can take advice, information; consult them even if you are sitting in the doctor’s cabin.